Hi! I'm Eric Davisson

I am a software developer located in Wisconsin, where my wife and I have a small house in the city to call home. During the day I work with various web technologies and at night I often can be found building side projects. I am a Christian and happy to live each day for Jesus. In addition to software I love cooking, gardening, photography and game design.

Brief Background

My passion for software began as a kid playing on our family computer and discovering a few "Learn HTML" CDs on our stack of miscellaneous discs every family had. My first program was a plain HTML page with a big red colored title inside a <blink> tag. A simple page that was enough to ignite that passion to create more. In grade school we had some Java courses where we wrote employee salary calculator code in notepad and ran it in the command prompt.

After graduating college I worked for a few companies building various marketing sites and web applications. I also started a few companies with a partner ranging from public adjusting to baseball equipment bulk sales where my software skills came in very useful. During this time my wife, who is a graphic designer, and I also had a freelance business offering software development and graphic design. In 2018 the non-profit I was building software for closed their doors and I ventured out to my own company Davisson Systems LLC where I continue to build custom software solutions for organizations full time.

Web Development

My first projects were just plain HTML and CSS written in notepad. Since then I have come quite a long way and so have the tools we have access to. Today I primarily build custom PHP applications using the Laravel framework. Being a web developer, I also work a lot with VueJS (Javascript), NodeJS, CSS, MySQL to craft complete solutions. A skill combo I always admired is being able to develop a structured back-end accompanied by a front-end designed for user experience. One of the most important things I value is a solid set of documentation for any of my projects. I also am no stranger to design and have made my fair share of marketing sites.

I Make Things Too

I am a creative maker and make more than just web applications. I originally went to school for game design and still build games for fun. You can find a few on my projects page. In addition to software I also like hardware and electronics. I created an open source automated garden on a raspberry pi called Mudpi. There is a site I built for MudPi where you can learn more. When I find time I also like to shoot photos and videos.

College for Game Web Development

In 2010 I decided to attend college for game design because I loved the idea of creating a complete experience for someone from concept to final result. Game development was awesome and I still dabble in it, but I chose to switch my focus after the first year from game design to more general programming. This was mainly because the fear of not landing that dream job at a game company left me with a more specialized set of skills that could be harder to find work for. Near the end of college I had to choose a focus of programming and for me that was web technologies. Building web applications still let me create a complete experience for someone and I quickly realized I loved it. The last year of college is also when I met my beautiful wife who I fell in love with. I graduated in 2013 with my bachelors in computer information systems with a focus on web technologies.